Injured in airstrike, 12-year old Gaza girl finds help, hope in Georgia

We'am Al Astal may be 6,500 miles from her home in Gaza, but the 12-year old seems right at home with her Atlanta host family, drawing pictures and reading stories. Lina Shehadeh, We'am's host mother, says you'd never know from looking at her, how much We'am has endured in the last 3 years.
"She keeps a permanent smile on her face," Lina Shehadeh says. "She's very easygoing, very loving. Very well behaved, and I'm so lucky to have her in my family."
Speaking through a translator, We'am says she remembers the day that changed her life, July 21st, 2014 very clearly. She was 9, running an errand with her dad.

"My dad had bought a new television set, and while we were on our way home, while I was walking, I was struck by an airstrike," she says. "And, it was me and my dad and my four cousins."
The explosion injured We'am's left leg so shattered, it had to be amputated. Her right leg was injured, too. But, she's made peace with being an amputee,
"It's what God wanted," Al Astal says. "It's what he meant for me to happen." "When I see her walking, it just breaks my heart," her host mother Lina Shehadeh says.
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Source: Fox5