The Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) is a non-political, non-profit organization dedicated to healing the wounds of war, occupation and poverty for children in the Middle East, regardless of their nationality, religion, race or gender.

Medical Missions

Medical Missions

We organize and run hundreds of volunteer missions from all over the world to Palestine and Lebanon's camps providing children free care and local medical personnel with free training.

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Treatment Abroad

Treatment Abroad

We arrange medical care all over the world for sick and injured children from the Middle East who cannot be adequately treated in their homeland.

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Humanitarian Projects

Humanitarian Projects

We sponsor humanitarian projects in Palestine and Lebanon to provide relief for poor and needy children, including wheelchairs, summer camps, and a Child Sponsorship Program.

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Recent News and Events

Cycling4Gaza: Cycling in Solidarity with the People of Gaza

Cycling4Gaza has organized five cycling events since 2009, covering over 1800km across the UK and France, Italy, Jordan, Turkey and ...

Interactive Map - Current Gaza Food Distributions


In response to the Israeli bombardments going on in Gaza, the PCRF is responding to this ongoing crisis by identifying ...

Italian-Palestinian Neurosurgeon enters Gaza to volunteer through PCRF

On September 28, Dr. Alaa Qutum, a neurosurgeon from Bad Hersfeld Hospital in northern Italy arrived Gaza to start a week ...

Canadian Plastic Surgeon Arrives in Gaza

On September 29, Dr. Amera Murabit, a Clinical Instructor in the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at the University of British Columbia ...

First joint PCRF-SAMS mission completes a week operating on over a dozen refugees in Lebanon

A week of surgery in Safad Hospital in Badawi refugee camp in northern Lebanon resulted in over a dozen Palestinian ...

Syrian Refugee Arrives in Florida for life-saving surgery

On September 24, two-year-old Majed Nasou arrived in Jacksonville, FLA with his mother Rasha for life-saving open-heart surgery by Dr Jose ...

First joint PCRF-SAMS surgical mission to Lebanon to treat Palestinian and Syrian refugees

On September 21, a four-member team of doctors from the PCRF and the Syrian American Medical Society arrived in the ...

PCRF sends West Bank girl to Egypt for third operation in as many years

On September 15, Afnan Ghassan Nairat from Maithaloun Village near Jenin returned to the Mansoura University Hospital in Egypt for ...

Japanese Plastic Surgeon Returns to Palestine

One September 22, Tokyo-based surgeon Dr. Diachi Morioka returned to Palestine through the PCRF to continue to provide plastic and ...

French Surgery Team Operates on Refugees in Lebanon

On September 18, a four-member team of doctors from France arrived in the Lebanese capital of Beirut to start a ...

South Gaza PCRF Team distributes school supplies to poor and homeless children

On September 20, the South Gaza PCRF team  distributed 180 school bags, uniforms and shoes in the Panorama hall in ...

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