The Pediatric Orthopedic and Educational Training (POET) Program

In 2014, the PCRF set up the POET program at the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah to train local surgeons in pediatric orthopedic surgery through visiting specialists, training abroad, medical equipment and the treatment of complex patients.

Meet Our Volunteer Doctors From All Over the World Who Make This Project Work

In 2013, under the leadership of two American pediatric orthopedic surgeons, Prof. Hugh Watts and Dr. Anna Cuomo, the PCRF began recruiting volunteers from all over the world to provide pediatric orthopedic surgery on needy patients while providing lectures,  workshops, and clinical training in such needed areas as the treatment of club feet, congenital hip dislocation, hand surgery and trauma care.  The goal of the POET program is to build up local capacity in Palestine so children with orthopedic deformities can be treated adequately by highly skilled local surgeons and to reduce the referral of patients abroad or out of the public system.  

POET Members:

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This program is to  help build up local capacity in Palestine so children with orthopedic deformities, can be treated adequately.

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