This week, an 11-member team of doctors and nurses from Italy and Germany joined together to help provide life-saving open-heart surgery on sick children born with congenital heart disease. Led by Dr. Vincenzo Stefano Luisi who has led nearly 30 volunteer missions to Palestine for the PCRF, the team included another long-time volunteering member Dr Paolo Del Sarto, an intensivist/anesthesiologist, anesthesiologist Dr. Cornel Marusceac, perfusionist Danilo Avarello and OR scrub nurse Arianna Martinelli. They are all from the Heart Hospital in Massa, Italy. Also returning with the PCRF is pediatric cardiologist Dr. Roberto Tumbarello from Brotzu Hospital in Cagliari, Italy, perfusionist Federica Raffin from Ospedale Torrette in Ancona, ICU nurse Angela Prendin and, anesthesiologist/intensivist Dr. Cristiana Corollo, both from from Padova Hospital. Anesthesiologist Dr. Giulia Brizzi from the University Hospital in Pisa completed the Italian members. The team’s main surgeon is Dr. Benjamin Bierbach from the German Pediatric Heart Center, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery of Sankt Augustin, Germany.