This week, the PCRF sponsored pediatric surgeries for eight Syrian refugees in Lebanon. They were 7-year-old Abdul Rahman Debas, a Syrian refugee from Ghouta, Asmaa Khayat, a 12-year-old and Farah Khayat, 18-year-old Syrian child, both from Damascus, Kamel Al Shoueikh, a 10-year-old from Aleppo, Lamis Al Diraan, 18-year-old from Daraa, Mohammad Al Rajab a 9-year-old from Homs, Qamar Nashar a 9-year-old from Hamat, and Thuraya Dawoud a 5-year-old Qunaitera. These children were sponsored for pediatric surgery at the Siblin Governmental Hospital by Dr. Wael Abou Akel. This is part of our Syrian Children’s Relief Project in which we are identifying refugees in Lebanon and Jordan in need of surgery that their families cannot provide them and arranging it through our one-time sponsorship project. We continue to sponsor any Arab child in need of care regardless of their nationality or religion.