This week, a nine-member team of doctors and nurses from Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal volunteered their time to provide life-saving care for Palestinian babies born with congenital heart disease. Led by surgeon Dr. Amir-Reza Hosseinpour, who volunteered also in 2016, and operates in Seville, Spain, the team also included Lusanne, Switzerland anesthesiologist Dr. Marc-André Bernath, Cardiologist Dr. Stefano Di Bernardo, Intensivists, Dr. Marie-Helene Perez, and Dr. Lydia Mastrogiacomo, Portuguese Perfusionist José Apolinario, French ICU physiotherapist Audrey Hertig, and two nurses Olivier Mantion, and Emanuela Spinella. The PCRF built the first pediatric cardiac surgery department in Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem, and is also working to build one at the European Hospital in Gaza. Nearly 1,000 babies a year are born in Palestine with congenital heart disease and our goal is to train local staff and provide the infrastructure to have a functioning independent department.