The United Nations continues to refer Syrian refugee children to the PCRF in need of surgery, and thanks to our supporters all over the world, we continue to respond. This week, we arranged for fifteen refugees from Daraa in southern Syria to have ENT surgery at Irbid Islamic Hospital by Dr. Mahmoud Matalqeh. These are kids whose families are too poor to cover their operations. They are: Saba Alborm, 10 , Abdulrhman Ikrad, 8, Taim Ikrad, 5, Rafat Alzubi, 5, Shahd Alhariri, 4, Ritaj Almhameed, 6, Duha Esmat, 11, Tasneem Almhameed, 6, Fatimeh Almhameed, 11, Waleed Almhameed, 3, Fouad Ikrad, 13, Ahmad Alfakheer, 5, Ghazl Mahmoud, 8, Yasmeen Rifaii, 7, Abdulrhman Alfakheer, 6.