Welcome to our legacy of compassion and commitment that defines the Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF). Our roots delve deep into the tireless efforts of four remarkable pioneers who laid the bedrock for our mission. These founders – Steve Sosebee, Huda Al Masri, and Dr. Musa and Suhaila Nasir – collectively ignited the spark of change, infusing PCRF with their expertise and empathy, shaping it into the impactful organization it is today.

Their legacy resonates through the ongoing work of the organization, as we uphold their visionary spirit and dedication. Join us in paying tribute to their contributions in PCRF'S continued impact, where the spirit of compassion knows no bounds. Welcome to a humanitarian journey inspired by the enduring legacy of our founders, devoted to making a lasting difference in the lives of the children of Palestine.

Steve Sosebee

Steve Sosebee, co-founder of PCRF, established the organization in 1992 while working as a journalist in Palestine. Witnessing numerous injured children lacking medical care in their occupied homeland inspired him. In 1993, Steve married Huda Al Masri in Ramallah, and they had two daughters, Deema and Jenna. Sadly, Huda passed away from cancer in 2009. In 2013, PCRF honored her memory by inaugurating Palestine's first pediatric cancer department. Over three decades, Steve devoted his life to PCRF, shaping it into a leading global NGO dedicated to assisting children in Palestine and the Levant. His enduring commitment to healing sick and injured children from the wounds of war and occupation stands as the bedrock of our mission and vision, exemplified by the thousands of lives he has helped heal.
Steve Sosebee

Huda Al Masri

Huda Al Masri was one of the founders of the PCRF and as our head social worker from 1993 until her tragic death from leukemia in 2009, helped to build the organization. Huda was known by everyone who met her as a loving mother, devoted wife, hard-working social worker, and exemplary leader whose vision and dedication to serving her people in Palestine enabled the PCRF to grow into one of the most respected and established non-profits in the Middle East.

Dr. Musa Nasir

Dr. Musa worked tirelessly for decades to pave the way for countless children to receive life-saving medical care that they otherwise could not have received. Dr. Musa served as the Chairman of the PCRF Board during its critical years of development, helping to build and grow PCRF’s ability to provide humanitarian and medical relief for Palestinian children affected by occupation and poverty. Dr. Nasir leaves a profound legacy and impact on PCRF, Palestine, and the children of Palestine. The only pediatric cancer department in the Gaza Strip was opened in 2019 and is named after Dr. Musa and Suhaila Nasir in recognition of their dedication to PCRF’s mission of helping provide medical care to every Palestinian child.

Mrs. Suhaila Nasir

Suhaila Nasir emerged as a beacon of compassion and advocacy for children's welfare. She collaborated closely with Steve Sosebee in this noble endeavor, facilitating the journey of severely wounded and maimed Arab children to the United States for critical medical treatment. Instrumental in the early years of the Palestine Children's Relief Fund, Nasir played a pivotal role in its establishment and growth. As the wife of esteemed physician Dr. Musa Nasir, Suhaila's commitment to humanitarian causes extended beyond borders. She not only was an integral part of bringing injured children to the U.S. but also provided them with nurturing care in her own home. Nasir's unwavering dedication saw her personally accompanying these children for medical checkups, ensuring they received the best possible care and attention. Suhaila Nasir's legacy embodied empathy, resilience, and a profound commitment to alleviating the suffering of vulnerable children, setting an inspiring example for humanitarian work worldwide.
Mrs. Suhaila Nasir