Healing Refugee Children

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Life for a Refugee Child

Thousands of Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan are in need of medical care that their families are too poor to provide for them.  This holiday season we are asking you to help us raise $250,000 to cover the surgery and other basic medical needs for these children so they can live better lives.   

For 25 years, the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund has been the leading non-profit organization finding these children and arranging their medical care for them.  Already in 2017, over 500 refugee children have had critical surgery in Jordan and Lebanon thanks to people like you who have come forward to help sponsor their treatment.  

Help Us Provide Medical Care for Children in Lebanon and Jordan

Kids like Odai are the reason we are launching this campaign.

Children like five-year-old Odai from Aleppo, who was shot in the left leg by a sniper two years ago, an attack that also left both of his parents dead, as well as most of his family.  Thanks to supporters  like you, we were able to get Odai the orthopedic surgery he needed to walk again, and he is currently healing in Jordan.  There are hundreds of more kids like him waiting for your help.

You can help us by making a tax-exempt donation today.

Stories of Hope and Healing for Refugee Children

Already in 2017, we have treated over 500 such children in Jordan and Lebanon thanks to people like you who have come forward to help us sponsor their treatment.


We are proud to be one of the most respected and active nonprofit humanitarian medical relief organizations working in the Middle East.