Huda Al Masri Pediatric Cancer Department

Huda Al Masri Pediatric Cancer Department

The first and only public department for children with cancer in Palestine

The building of this department was sparked by the untimely death of our founding head social worker, Huda Al Masri, from leukemia in July 2009. At that time, there was no department for children with cancer in the Palestinian ministry of health, meaning that sick patients had to cross military checkpoints on a regular basis – if they could get permits – for treatment. In 2012, we began building the first and only public cancer department for children in Huda’s name at Beit Jala Hospital near the ancient city of Bethlehem. Thanks to thousands of private donors all over the world, we opened the department in April 2013. We continue to support the training of staff, medical missions to the department, repairs, material, and the social and medical needs of patients in the department to continue to ensure that our children fighting this terrible disease have access the best care possible in the world.

The Huda Al Masri Healing Garden

In April of 2015, the PCRF opened the Huda Al Masri Healing Garden at Beit Jala hospital, a playground and garden that allows our patients to relax during their difficult treatment in the hospital. The garden, named after our former head social worker who passed away from leukemia in July 2009, gives our patients a loving and fun atmosphere and is the only garden within any hospital in Palestine of its kind. If you would like to donate to help maintain the garden, please donate here.

The Dr. Nadim Yousif Kassem Scholarship for Training and Education

In 2013, through the generous support of his family, the PCRF launched a fund in the memory of a great supporter of the PCRF, loving father, husband, humanitarian and doctor, Nadim Yousif Kassem. This fund is to sponsor medical education and training for healthcare providers in Palestine. Several have travel abroad, mainly to the King Hussein Cancer Center in Amman, Jordan, for training through this fund.


The PCRF is one of the few NGOs in Palestine that keeps a permanent presence in a public hospital to ensure that medical and psychosocial support for patients continue unabated.

HUDA AL MASRI (1962 - 2009)

Huda Al Masri was one of the founders of the PCRF and as our head social worker from 1993 until her tragic death from leukemia in 2009, helped to build the organization. Huda was known by everyone who met her as a loving mother, devoted wife, hard-working social worker, and exemplary leader whose vision and dedication to serving her people in Palestine enabled the PCRF to grow into one of the most respected and established non-profits in the Middle East.

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