Twelve-year-old Weam from Khan Younis arrived in Atlanta this week to be fitted with a new customized prosthetic leg. In 2014, Weam was injured in a bombing attack on her home which resulted in multiple wounds to both her legs. After three failed surgeries doctors were forced to amputate her leg. The PCRF arranged her care in Atlanta by reaching out to Childspring International and prosthetist Dan Zenas who graciously agreed to help Weam. In 2015 the PCRF sent Weam to Jeddah where she was fitted with her first prosthetic leg at Abdelatif Jameel Hospital. Weam is being hosted by our PCRF Atlanta chapter, who have helped care for many children in the past. The PCRF is the main non-profit in the world arranging free medical care for sick and injured children who cannot be treated in their homeland.