This week, an 11-member team of doctors and nurses from Italy are volunteering their time to provide life-saving open-heart surgery for sick children at the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah. Led by long-time PCRF volunteer and Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Giancarlo Crupi, who has led several missions to Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank with the PCRF since 1999 and saved the lives of hundreds of children, the team includes surgeons Dr. Marzia Cottini and Dr. Isabel Bolanos Martinez, cardiologist Dr. Enzo Bianca, Ramallah-based anesthesiologist Dr. Hasan Ismael, anesthesiologist Dr. Francesco Consonni, perfusionist Silvana Crisci, OR nurses Omar Sandrinelli and Violeta Urukalu and ICU nurses Guia Cattaneo and Rosangela Personeni. PCRF is working with “Gift of Life” in New York to support this mission. We are grateful to Dr. Crpi and his team for their hard work and humanitarian spirit.