This week, a team of doctors and nurses from Italy have returned to the Palestine Medical Complex in the West Bank town of Ramallah to provide life-saving open-heart surgery on sick children with heart disease. Led by surgeon Dr. Vincenzo Luisi, who has been on over 60 volunteer missions to Palestine, and including Palestinian surgeon training in Scottland, Dr. Vivien Bader, the team includes anesthesiologist/intensivists Dr. Pierantonio Furfori, Dr. Carmelo Vullo, Dr. Cristiana Carollo, Dr. Pamela Brugnaro and Dr. Stefania Leone, as well as cardiologists Dr. Vittoria de Lucia and Dr. Roberto Tumbarello, and perfusionists Orfeo Romano and Gaeta Vincenzo, as well as OR technician Melissa Conio. The PCRF is the main NGO in Palestine providing care for children with heart disease.