This week, an Italian pediatric cardiac surgery team arrives in the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah to start providing open-heart surgery on sick children. Led by Tuscany surgeon Dr. V. Stefano Luisi, who has been on over twenty missions for the PCRF since 2007 and saved the lives of hundreds of children, the team included Palestinian surgeon Dr. Vivian Bader, who is currently training in the UK, intensivists and anesthesiologists Dr. Cornel Marusceac, Dr. Cristiana Carollo, Dr. Pamela Brugnaro and Dr. Carmelo Vullo, pediatric cardiologist Dr. Roberto Tumbarello, perfusionist Danilo Avarello, scrub nurse Roberta Cabianca, and ICU nurses Claudia Amadori, Benedicta Tabacco and Angela Prendin. This coincides with the PCRF’s holiday campaign #makeaheartbeat, which is to support the saving of lives of Palestinian children with congenital heart disease, like who this team is treating. Since 1998, the PCRF has been sending volunteer pediatric cardiac surgery teams from all over the world to save the lives of sick children in Palestine. We thank this team for coming back again to serve the needs of Palestine’s children.