This week, we are hosting a joint team of doctors and nurses from Spain and Portugal at the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah to provide life-saving open-heart surgery for children born with congenital heart disease. The team volunteered with the PCRF also last year and are led by surgeon Dr. Victor Bautista Hernandez from A Coruna Hospital in Spain. His team include pediatric cardiologist Dr. Isaac Martinez Bendayan, pediatric intensivist Dr. Angela Ferrer Barba, and ICU nurses Rita Jacob Feijoo and Maria Milagros Liñares Sanchez. The team from Oporto Hosptial in Portugal are lead by surgeon Dr. Jorge Bernardo De Oliveira Casanova and include anesthesiologist Dr. Antonio Carlos Soares Fiuza Branco, ICU nurses Jocelina Maria Cabral and Nelma Alexandra Pereira Pinto and perfusionist Luis Filipe Cravo Aguiar Pinto. We are grateful to these volunteers for returning to Palestine to help save the lives of our children.