This week, Little Wings Foundation (LWF) from Dubai returned to the European Gaza Hospital in the Gaza Strip to provide orthopedic pediatric surgeries and hand surgeries for children.

On the first day the team followed-up 6 children who had surgery during their previous mission and started operating after screening.

The team will be running two ORs during the week and is led by surgeon Dr. Marc Sinclair. Also on the team is hand surgeon Dr. Christiana Savvidou and Dr. Levan Kajaia, West Bank anesthesiologist Dr. Hasan Ismail, OR nurse Gillian Beale, LWF coordinator Seonaid Biagioni, Scrub Nurse Swetlana Gerber, and recovery nurse Abbey Lee. The PCRF has been working with LWF for many years on both missions and sending children to the UAE for free care.