This week, a ten-member team of doctors and nurses from New Zealand and the UK returned to the Palestine Medical Complex in the West Bank town of Ramallah to provide life-saving open-heart surgery on children from the West Bank and Gaza with congenital heart disease. Most of the volunteer team have been coming to Palestine with the PCRF since the year 2000. The team includes UK-based surgeon Dr. Alessandra Oggiano and surgeon assistant Dr. Orsolya Friedrich. Also joining the team from Auckland are anesthesiologist/intensivist Dr. David Buckley and Dr. John Beca, pediatric cardiologist Dr. Tom Gentles, UK perfusionist Keith Kincaid, and ICU nurses Nicola Gini, Christine Armstrong, Warren Nairn, and Natalie Kettle. The PCRF is the only nonprofit in the world sponsoring volunteer pediatric cardiac surgery missions to Palestine to save the lives of these children.