This week, Dr. Alan Kerr from Auckland, New Zealand returned for his 45th volunteer mission to Palestine through the PCRF, having started in 2001 on a mission to Gaza and has since operated on nearly 1,000 sick children with heart disease in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Dr. Kerr was instrumental in building the pediatric cardiac surgery program in Makassed Hospital with the PCRF in Jerusalem, and often worked for months at a time as a volunteer helping train local staff and treat sick kids. He is currently volunteering at the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah to assist with the local Palestinain team led by Dr. Mahmoud Nashashibi and Dr. Ayman Morrar in identifying what their exact needs are and guiding PCRF to help. He brought with him much-needed equipment as well as a donation. We are honored to work with such noble volunteers.