This week, a three-member team of volunteers from North and South America arrived in Lebanon to provide ophthalmic surgery on refugee children. Peruvian ophthalmologists Dr. Luis Felipe Arevalo, who is on his third volunteer mission with the PCRF, and Dr. Gioconda Lourdes Armas Herrera, who is on her first volunteer mission, were joined by long-time anesthesia volunteer Dr. Kevin Healy, who has done over two dozen missions, to treat refugee children at Al Hamshiry Hospital in Saida. The team is treating children with Strabismus, the misalignment of the eyes. This is one of the most common eye operations for children, but in Lebanon, refugee children do not have access to such care due to financial or political reasons. The PCRF is the main nonprofit in the world supporting the surgery for Arab children in the Middle East, regardless of politics or religion.