After nearly four long months of orthopedic treatment in Southern California, eleven-year-old Toqa was finally able to return to her family in Hebron standing tall and walking much better than when she left. The girl from the West Bank town of Hebron spent the last four months being treated at the Shriners Hospital in Los Angeles, undergoing surgery and intense physical therapy and a leg brace fitting to help correct a congenital leg deformity that left her unable to stand or walk straight. Her care was supported by the PCRF Southern California chapter and many generous volunteers, who all helped support her during her treatment. Her journey will continue and is far from over but the PCRF is most proud to dedicate the time and effort necessary to ensure she receives the proper follow up care she needs so she can continue to heal and walk better. The PCRF is the main NGO in the world providing free medical care abroad for Arab children, regardless of religion or politics.