Four years ago Nineteen-year-old Omar Shourti from the West Bank town of Nablus was diagnosed with complete heart failure, and his only chance to survive is a heart transplant surgery, which is not available to him in Palestine. Last January the PCRF sent Omar to India, where he was expected to undergo a heart transplant. His sponsorship was arranged through an online PCRF campaign. returned to Palestine without However, he was showing promising signs with the medication and doctors at the time advised that he not undergo such major surgery. Now, a year later, the medication is not enough, so this week the PCRF sent him back through Jordan, where he met with a team of doctors who escorted him back to India for the heart transplant. Omar had his initial assessment at the Gardens Hospital in Amman with a team of doctors including cardiologist Dr. K. R. Balakrishnan who will be caring for Omar at the Fortis Hospital in Chennai. The entire PCRF organization is praying for a successful procedure and wish Omar the best.