This week five members of an American NGO called Deaf Planet Soul are volunteering throughout Lebanon to bring hearing aids and support to deaf refugee children. The team is composed of Deaf Planet Soul President Gregory Perez, Vice President Zaineb Abdulla and Fundraiser DPS Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs Basemah Ismael and Audiology Support Staff Muhamed Khalid, Dr. Megan Lisbeth Stang and Tasnim Hamza, a Graduate Audiology Student. The PCRF is partnering with SAMS, CBRA, WHO, PRCS, Tahadi, Saida Early Intervening Unit and SALAM to identify and treat these kids. Theses partners have supported with referrals and venues for testing and fittings. On average, the team will see between 30 to 40 children a day over a ten day period. So far, the mission has had an overwhelmingly positive response for not only providing hearing tests and aids, but they teaching sign language and providing counseling to the refugee families.