PCRF Programs and Projects

For 25 years, PCRF has been helping children in the Middle East by leading Medical Missions into the Middle East, arranging for children to receive medical care through Treatment Abroad, and sponsoring Humanitarian Programs.

Volunteer Medical Missions

The PCRF is the main NGO in the world sponsoring volunteer medical teams to treat children in the Middle East

Over the past six years, over 500 medical teams consisting on thousands of volunteers from all over the world have given their time and experience to travel to the Middle East through the PCRF to treat thousands of children.

Healing Hearts In Palestine

This program is to help provide care for more than 800 children born in Palestine a year facing this disease receive treatment and a chance to live another day.

The PCRF currently is supporting two programs in Palestine to build up local services and to provide life-saving surgery for sick children with heart defects.

The POET Program

The POET program aims to train local surgeons in pediatric orthopedic surgery through visiting specialists, training abroad, medical equipment and the treatment of complex patients.

The goal of the POET program is to build up local capacity in Palestine so children with orthopedic deformities can be treated adequately by highly skilled local surgeons and to reduce the referral of patients abroad or out of the public system.

Treatment Abroad Program

The PCRF is the main nonprofit arranging free medical care for sick and injured children from the Middle East abroad, regardless of religion or politics.

The PCRF is the main nonprofit arranging free care for sick and injured children who cannot be treated in their homeland. Since 1992, we have sent nearly 2,000 from all over the Middle East.

Mental Health Initiative

This project will help transform the provision of mental health care in Gaza, in turn providing children with the means to successfully integrate in society.

The Gaza Pediatric Mental Health Initiative was started following the attacks on Gaza in the summer of 2014, in which the entire population of Gaza, which is 50% children, were subjected to 55 days or bombardment from land, sea and air.

Syrian Children’s Relief Project

There are millions of Syrian refugee children all over the region who are in need of specialized medical care who the PCRF is working hard to support.

The PCRF team in Jordan and Lebanon work hard with local doctors, NGOs and other nonpolitical partners to identify children in need and to reach the most vulnerable communities.

Monthly Children Sponsorship Program

Since 2000, the PCRF has been identifying chronically ill children whose families are too poor to provide them the medical support they need and link them with sponsors abroad to help support their care.

Our program doesn’t give the families cash donations, but rather our field workers buy the medicine or supplies that the children need, through the support of donors abroad.

Gaza Orphan Sponsorship Program

We established a humanitarian program to ensure that the livelihood of orphaned children in Gaza are being met.

Through foreign sponsors, our field-workers provides food, clothing, medicine and other basic aid. Our sponsors get regular updates on the orphans they help, including a photo and update.


This educational program was created to help provide an introduction in technology to children in Gaza.

In 2017, volunteers from the SF Area Chapter founded the TechEd Program to extend PCRF’s impact beyond medical aid by opening the door to knowledge and opportunity. This educational program that will allow children previously cared for by the PCRF to explore their interest in technology and to dream of a brighter future.

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