Syrian Children’s Relief Project

The PCRF is dedicated to helping any child get the humanitarian care that they need in the Middle East, regardless of their nationality or religion. The war in Syria has created millions of refugee children all over the region who are in need of specialized medical care who they otherwise cannot get due to poverty or their political status. Our teams in Lebanon and Jordan provide a variety of specialized humanitarian projects or medical sponsorship for Syrian refugee children.

About Our Syrian Children's Relief Project

Our PCRF team in Jordan and Lebanon work hard with local doctors, NGOs and other nonpolitical partners to identify Syrian refugee children who need surgery or other humanitarian aid.  Because Syrian refugee children do not have travel documents to go abroad for medical care through the PCRF, we must find ways to help care for them locally.  The goal of this program is to help every Syrian child in need of care in Lebanon and Jordan.

Syrian Refugees Treated in Lebanon in 2018

Syrian Refugees Treated in Jordan in 2018


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Our mission at the PCRF, as it has always been, is to provide families with children in the Middle East with free medical and humanitarian aid, regardless of background, religion or race.

Program Details

We have been identifying children from the refugee camps in both of those two countries and arranging surgery for them in local hospitals in both countries, but doing crowd funding through our newsletter and online sources.   Dozens of injured or sick Syrian kids have been treated that way in the past few years.  

This is a challenge because a lot of the Syrian kids flee without passports and are not able to get ones made as refugees outside of the country, but for those who have, we still follow their case and help them after they return for treatment.

We have done a bunch of different humanitarian projects in Lebanon and Jordan for Syrian refugees, and sponsorship of Syrian children who need specific care, like medicine or medical supplies.  

We work closely with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) on joint missions to Lebanon to treat children  and refugees with free medical care, and have done our own missions to Lebanon in which Syrian patients are treated the same as Palestinians.

There are 15 Syrian refugee families with children in Gaza. These families are barely surviving due to circumstances of war and violence and the lack of resources within the Gaza Strip. PCRF has been helping them to meet their basic necessities since 2016. 

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