Ashraf Abu Issa
Ashraf Abu Issa
Ashraf Abu Issa

Mr. Ashraf Abu Issa is a renowned business leader in Qatar, known for his significant
contributions to the country's economic development and retail market expansion. He operates
over 100+ retail outlets and businesses, including luxury destination Blue Salon, department
store Highland, distributor Abu Issa Marketing & Distribution, and real estate firm Abu Issa Real
Estate Investment - USA. Mr. Abu Issa has also innovatively developed concept stores and
brands, earning him numerous accolades such as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year
Award 2011 and the Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 by the Swiss Business Council Qatar.
He holds board memberships with several organizations, including the Palestinian Children’s
Relief Fund (PCRF), Qatar-America Institute, and Tariq Bin Ziad School. A graduate of the
American College in Atlanta, GA, USA, he also completed an Owner President Management
Program (OPM) at Harvard Business School.