Izzat Rashed Dajani
Izzat Rashed Dajani
Izzat Rashed Dajani
Board Member

Izzat Dajani has been appointed as a Technical Advisory Team Member for The Palestine Children's
Relief Fund (PCRF) in recognition of his exceptional leadership and commitment to promoting
purpose and fulfilling aspiration for justice for Palestinians with a specific focus on giving children a
fairer chance and better future. Izzat is Chief Executive of IMCapital Partners in Dubai, an
investment advisory to governments and corporations. He is also Senior Expert Counsel at LGP
Middle East Legal Consultants, one of the largest international law firms in Austria with an extensive
international network. Izzat was Chief Executive of the Investment & Development Office of the
Government of Ras Al Khaimah in UAE. He was also Head of Key Clients -Investment
Management at the global investment bank Goldman Sachs in Dubai, and Chairman & CEO of
Citibank in Qatar. Izzat’s extensive business experience and corporate governance expertise make
him a valuable asset to the PCRF team. He holds an MPA degree from Harvard University and a
BSc. from Liverpool School of Pharmacy in the UK.