Olga Cera

Olga Cera
European Coordinator

My educational background, has given me a strong general perspective of the world and the opportunity to try and choose different fields to learn and develop, leading me in becoming a more critical and independent thinker. My focus on the humanities, History and Philosophy allowed me to be engaged in global issues at hand and allowed me to understand and attempt to perceive the multitude of contrasting and diverging perspectives. Moreover, by taking part in a specific master and programs, I managed to further enhance my interests in human rights and humanitarian field, within a managerial and organizational perspective. Before joining the PCRF, in 2013, I worked for several non profit and cultural organisations in Italy and the Netherlands. I am Italian, from the beautiful Sardinia.

Email: olga@pcrf.net
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
Degrees: Degree in Contemporary History, executive Master in Management of non profit organisations.
Experience: I actively work in the non-profit sector since 2008
Hobby: reading, travelling, Theatre, Art, boxing, dancing