Mr. Said Shehadeh
Mr. Said Shehadeh
Mr. Said Shehadeh

Said Issa Shehadeh brings a rich blend of business acumen and humanitarian dedication to the
table. With a BA in Business from London, his career spans over four decades in various
leadership roles across banking, investment, housing development, and building and electro-
mechanical civil works in Jordan and Iraq. Said founded DUBOIS Corp in Geneva, Switzerland,
a Forex Consultancy firm serving SAMA (Saudi Central Bank) and Abu Dhabi Currency Board,
as well as several large Arab Banks.
Parallel to his professional journey, Said has been deeply involved in community and charity
work in the UK and Palestine. Serving two terms as Vice President of the Association of the
Palestinian Community UK, he led fundraising initiatives for needy causes in Palestine. As a
Trustee of Spafford Children Centre Jerusalem since 1994, he has shown a consistent
commitment to child health and welfare. He also started and chaired the fundraising events for
FQMS, a UK charity assisting medical graduates of all three medical schools in Palestine. In
1996, he assisted the late Faisal Husseini in his mission to encourage Palestinians to return to
Palestine and enabling Palestinian returnees to settle in Jerusalem.
Currently, he serves as a Director at PCRF, furthering his contributions to the humanitarian
sector. His work extends to collaborating with Welfare Association UK and MAP UK. This
balance of high-level business experience and deep-rooted commitment to charity makes Said
a valuable addition to any board.