San Francisco - Bay Area

About The San Francisco - Bay Area Chapter

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter was established more than twenty years ago by a unique set of committed community volunteers in northern California. Raising over one million dollars over those years for various humanitarian projects while hosting several injured children from the Middle East as they underwent treatment locally, the chapter members strongly feel that they must advocate for the vulnerable children of Palestine and the Middle East. The compassion of the Bay Area community is the critical reason for the success of their fundraising projects. They are proud to be part of the PCRF family, where they can make a difference in improving the lives of children in need.

Chapter Steering Committee

Chapter President
Rima Qaru
Chapter Vice President
Feras Khatib
Salim Qaru
Medical Affairs Coordinator
Nuha Shuman
Patient Affairs Coordinator
Nuha Shuman/Rima Qaru
Social Media Coordinator
Feras Khatib
TP4PCRF Coordinator
Walla Oriqat/Nadeen Qaru

Children who were treated in San Francisco - Bay Area

Annual Humanitarian Chapters Awards

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