TechEd Program – Gaza

Our mission at TechEd is to help foster children’s curiosity and provide an experience with technology. This structured educational program will open the doors of opportunity and knowledge for our children to excel in their future.

Program Details

We selected a class of participants from our network of children between the ages of 10 and 14 who were previously treated by the PCRF. The month long afterschool course is designed to teach the fundamentals of technology in a simple and fun way using Kano, the globally reputable educational computer and coding kit.

Kano is based off three principles: simple steps, storytelling, physical computing, and tying them all together in a sense of play and exploration. Students will start from scratch to assemble the pieces and eventually learn to code apps, music, art, games, and more. After finishing this project, these children will have the knowledge and tools to create with technology and a new computer of their own.

We believe it is our duty as an organization to expand our mission beyond medical treatment onto education for children; who will be given access to computers and equipment that might not be readily available or affordable for the first time.

Handicapped, orphaned, or injured youth previously treated by the PCRF are at a disadvantage due to the constraints of a physical disability or lack of opportunity. Introducing these children to an education of technology will provide a much needed advantage. Engaging in this field in a collaborative setting will teach students how to pay attention to detail, apply logic and solve problems, and set and accomplish goals.

The purpose of the program is to provide these children with the necessary skills that enable them to transcend the barriers that have limited their ability to expand their horizons. TechEd is an extension of our overall mission to help strengthen the social, mental, and overall wellbeing of children in the Middle East.

The Bay Area Chapter of the PCRF initiated a project to help children affected by war learn how to build computers as a chance to give them opportunities otherwise not available to them living in the occupied Gaza Strip.

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Founded in 2015 by volunteers of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), the TechEd Program extended their impact as a pediatric medical nonprofit organization by opening the door to technology. With Silicon Valley in their backyard, the San Francisco – Bay Area Chapter created an education program that allowed children previously cared for by the PCRF to explore their interest in technology and dream of an outstanding future.

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