This week, the PCRF sponsored ENT surgeries for ten Syrian refugees and two Jordanian children at the Irbid Islamic Hospital in Northern Jordan. 3-year-old Abdulmalik Almasri, 8-year-olds Layal Shaban, Ayah Salkhadi and Bashar Khalili, 6-year-old Leen Salkhadi, 4-year-old Hajer Abazaid, 14-year-old Israa Abazaid, 11-year-old Maram Odeh, 9-year-olds Mohammed Qataf and Moyed Hasan, and 5-year-olds Mutaz Masalmeh and Lamar Shaban. Dr. Mahmoud Matalkha at Irbid Islamic Hospital provided the operations through our One-Time Sponsorship Program, which provides children from all religions and nationalities the care that they need.