This week, three kids from Gaza were sent abroad for free medical care. Nima Freij went back to Dubai UAE, where she will undergo a second surgery to correct an injury she sustained from an explosion in 2008. Muath Abudaher, 16, and Abdallah Ali, 12, both traveled to the US for medical care. Muath returned to Detroit where he will be fitted with a new prosthesis. The boy lost his leg from an osteosarcoma, and first traveled in 2013. Abdallah traveled to Philadelphia, where he will undergo surgery to disarticulate his leg and will be fitted with a prosthesis. He suffers from a congenital lower limb deformity where one of his legs is shorter than the other. After his surgery and treatment, he will be able to walk on his own without the need of crutches or other assistive devices. All three children are being treated with the support of our chapters and volunteers.