Thirteen-year-old Arwa Al Sharif from Jabalia Refugee Camp in Gaza had a history of bilateral ophthalmic issues which resulted in the loss of her left eye. This week, the PCRF sent her to Washington Metro area, where she will receive the care necessary so she can be fitted with a prosthetic eye. She will be under the care of our D.C. Metro PCRF Chapter. Qossay Alkafarna is a five-year-old boy from Gaza who was born with a urological bladder complex and needed a specialized surgery which is not available in Gaza. He traveled with his mom to Delaware where he expected to undergo multiple surgeries to treat this abnormality. This is Qossays second trip to Deleware. He will be cared for by our PCRF Delaware chapter. over the next few months, who have helped many kids in the past get the care that they need.