What are the Humanitarian Circumstances in the Gaza Strip and West Bank?

What are the Humanitarian Circumstances in the Gaza Strip and West Bank?


The Gaza Strip and the West Bank are two Palestinian territories located within the borders of historical Palestine. Ever since Israel seized control of these territories during the Six-Day War back in 1967, there has been conflict between Israelis and the 5 million Palestinians inhabiting the territories seeking national and political rights. With the dispute often turning violent with protests, blockades, aerial strikes, rocket attacks, and bombings, the situation in these areas has developed into a humanitarian crisis.

The first issue in this crisis is that Israel controls all access into or out of both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Because of this, the Palestinians living in these territories are subjected to Israeli restrictions which leads to them often depending on aid for food, water, and supplies. The territories are densely populated and there is only a limited amount of supplies in each, so many Palestinians face a daily struggle for survival.

Another issue is when the situation turns violent like it recently has, and there are bombings, airstrikes, and rocket attacks. This fighting happens between Hamas, the militant Islamic Resistance Movement that governs the Gaza Strip, and Israeli military forces. This is incredibly dangerous for both Palestinian and Israeli citizens since many of these attacks occur in densely populated areas. Many times entire buildings collapse, civilians are killed in the fighting, and entire neighborhoods are ruined. 

This volatile situation is incredibly difficult and dangerous for all of the citizens in the Palestinian territories, but even more so for the children caught in the middle of the fighting. They struggle every day for food, water, clothing, and supplies, and it’s even more difficult to get an education and enjoy a normal childhood. However, when fighting erupts, the only thing families and children are worried about is finding safety and not being caught in the middle of the violence. Because of these struggles growing up in a warzone, many children have been seriously injured, lost limbs, and even died.

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