Gaza Amputee Project

In 2019, PCRF began a project to help support the care for children in Gaza suffering from congenital or traumatic limb amputations. Many children were suffering from gunshot or bombing injuries in Gaza, while others were born with defects that required amputations. To ensure that these kids would get the care they needed to be mobile again, PCRF brought them together as a community for treatment - in many cases sending them abroad for free care that they could not get at home - while also working with Hamid Rehabilitation Hospital in Gaza City to help them get care locally. In 2020, we began providing mental health treatment and support for these children, as well as supporting the training for the local staff in Hamid Hospital, and providing materials and equipment.

Ahmed Is Walking Thanks to Your Support

We Can! Gaza Field Team

PCRF hires former amputee patients to our humanitarian field workers

On April 1, ten new humanitarian field workers who have all been treated through our travel abroad or amputee program were brought in to serve as fieldworkers in the camps, towns, and villages of the Gaza Strip.  Working out of our three main offices in South, Central, and Gaza City, the field workers will help locate children in need of help and to provide them direct aid through our sponsorship and Urgent Gaza Relief programs.  We are honored to be the first and leading NGO in Palestine to start a program in which youth who have suffered permanent injuries like the loss of a limb.


Our June/July 2020 update

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