Yehia Barkawi
Yehia Barkawi
San Francisco - Bay Area

In 2013, Mr. Barkawi heard about a 6-year old, Tarteel Aljobeh, from Hebron, who was undergoing numerous surgeries at the Shrines Hospital in Sacramento to treat severe burn wounds on her body. Without hesitation, he offered to help Tarteel and her mother. He organized a community effort to arrange lodging and provide funds for room and board.

He drove Tarteel to the hospital and stayed with her during each operation; took her to Shriners every Thursday for checkups and skin grafts; took her out almost every weekend, often joining his family at their home, where she developed a strong passion for playing the piano.

The following year, when she came to continue her treatment, the hospital was much farther away. Yet, he continued to meet Tarteel and her Mom at the hospital every Thursday for her follow-up procedures.