Why Medical Aid Is So Important in Gaza

Why Medical Aid Is So Important in Gaza


Individuals in high-income countries often take medical care for granted, as they have the ability to simply go see a doctor or specialist whenever something is wrong. However, that’s not the case for everyone around the world. 


Specifically, in Gaza—and Palestine as a whole—there is a severe lack of medical services, mainly due to the fact that the borders of Gaza are controlled by Israel. Because of this, Israel determines who and what is allowed into Gaza, resulting in the region lacking resources and medical care. This is incredibly problematic for an area that is home to over 2 million individuals. In this article, we’ll explore why medical aid is so important in Gaza.


The Importance of Medical Aid in Gaza


As mentioned above, Israel controls all access into and out of the Gaza Strip. This means that Palestinians living there often cannot receive medical care unless it occurs in Gaza. However, there are not enough medical professionals and training opportunities to be able to offer comprehensive medical care and keep up with the demand of health issues caused by lack of food, water, sanitation, and frequent periods of conflict. 


Additionally, Gaza also faces crises when it comes to electricity, fuel, and water—all of which are essential for many medical procedures. Without these resources, the doctors and medical professionals that are in Gaza may not be able to help patients in need. Many medical centers in Gaza have had to stop due to a lack of fuel, and around 20% of the necessary medicines and equipment were lacking.


Because of the humanitarian circumstances that Palestinians in Gaza face, the main way they receive medical care is through medical aid, which is most commonly provided by nonprofit organizations and charities. Through new medical centers, medical training programs, and medical missions, these organizations help provide crucial services to Palestinians who might otherwise not have access to them. This includes access to mental health resources as one-third of the Gaza Strip population is in need of psychological and social support, mainly due to living in a warzone during times of conflict with Israel.


The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) continues to provide humanitarian aid to children and their families—some of whom are refugees fleeing their home countries—through our hospitals, pediatric medical programs, health initiatives, hospital infrastructure projects, orphan and refugee sponsorships, and medical missions. These efforts help to ensure that children in need get the vital assistance they require.


PCRF has a committee of volunteer doctors and specialists on our Medical Advisory Board who are dedicated to building up services through training, programs, and guiding PCRF to improve the quality of pediatric care in Palestine.


PCRF is not a political or religious organization. Our mission is to provide medical and humanitarian relief collectively and individually to Arab children throughout the Middle East, regardless of their nationality, politics, or religion. We rely on charitable giving to provide medical treatment, surgeries, safety, shelter, and support to children and their families in Palestine and the Levant. Find out how you can get involved and help make a difference in children’s lives today!