On April 12, Nineteen-year-old Omar Shourti received his long-awaited life-saving heart transplant, exactly two months since he and his father traveled from the West Bank town of Nablus to the Fortis Hospital in Chennai, India, where a team of specialists led by Dr. Suresh Roa prepared him for treatment. The PCRF also sent him to India in 2016 for the same operation but he returned home to Palestine without surgery because he was showing promising signs with the medication. His doctors at the time advised that he not undergo such major surgery. Unfortunately, his symptoms came back and surgery was the only option to save his life.
Omar’s operation was arranged through an online PCRF appeal in which dozens of donors all over the world raised over $70,000 for his operation, including a donation from Paltel Group in Palestine. Earlier in the day of April 12, news came to Omar that a heart had finally been found for him, bringing a smile to his face.
After many long hours in surgery, Omar went to the ICU to start the long road to recovery. Dr. Suresh Roa reported that all signs right now look towards a positive recovery for the boy. We wanted to bring you, his donors who answered our call for help, this good news and to let you know how thankful we are for your support and assistance in caring for this lovely child. We in the PCRF are honored to do this work and thankful to have people like you giving us a chance to save the lives of these kids.